Calgary Custom Buttons

We make quality custom buttons, quickly and without fuss.
To make custom buttons you need to prepare your design.
If you would like to use our design services please call us.

Sameday shipping to Calgary and all Canada

Critical Buttons is #1 Canadian producer for Custom Buttons. We produce election buttons, campaign buttons, fundraising buttons and buttons for all events and occasions.

Our buttons are of the highest quality because we are also the #1 supplier in Canada of professional button makingequipment & button parts. We carry huge stocks of pin-backs, shells, mylar, magnets, magnet backs, collets and all manner of parts for key-chains buttons, magnet buttons, mirror buttons and coaster buttons.

TollFree 1866 996 1984

Electric Button MachineProfessional Button MachineCalgary Button Maker & Graphic Punch Button parts in Calgary

Button parts for Calgary

Instructions if we are to make buttons for you.

Here are step by step instructions if you want us to make buttons for you:

  1. Call us to get a quote and also so that we can email you a button making template.
  2. Design your button to fit the template.
  3. Email your design to info(at%)
  4. Call in with a credit card to pay for your order.
  5. We can produce buttons quickly and make them available for pickup or we can ship.

If you have any questions please call or email for help. Next day delivery in Calgary.

If you need help with artwork for custom buttons checkout The Button Guy Videos. In Calgary or not you can always just upload your artwork for fast delivery Canada Wide. SAme day shipping for Canadians. We're fast!!

How to make a Pinback Button Custom Button Design made easy.

How to design a button using photoshop. Photoshop is the primary design tool for making custom buttons.

How to design a button using MS Word. Word is not great for button design but many people know Word so it may be useful.

How to design a button using Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is great for vector files. So if you produce buttons in different sizes or want your button artwork to be scalable Illustrator is the answer.

How to design a button using GIMP. Gimp is a great FREE online software for button design.

Checkout The Button Guys Video Channel Great videos on all aspects of button making.

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Ask the button making expertIf you're in Calgary and you would like to receive information about delivery, artwork , design, which button maker to get etc., You can ask the button guy.

You can also checkout the blog. for more information. The Button Guy advises Calgary button makers on a daily basis.

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solid metal button maker in Canada steel dies for button making

All metal, precision made button makers available in Canada at the factory cost. If you want to make your own buttons then this is the perfect button machine for hobby or professional button making.

Save on shipping, import duty and broker fees by buying your button maker in Canada. We will beat any advertised price for a button maker, professional button making machine, badge press or pin maker. Our prices will save you money and we will be an excellent resource for you in Canada for Canadians.

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